Her E-Privacy is to safeguard women from cyber-bullying and cyber violence. Online violence has degraded the positive aspect of the internet, turning it into an unsafe space for women to engage. Cyberbullying affects the well-being of females & it is increasing day by day. Therefore, Cyber Sync Technologies aims to protect the virtual rights of women and is taking steps for the awareness of females.


Her E-Privacy Meetup Roadshow 2023

This year Cyber Sync Technologies started HER E-Privacy Roadshows which aims to provide a platform for females where interest becomes opportunity. The goal is to foster a sense of community and belonging through the promotion of diversity and inclusion.

FemFlo Launch

Femflo is a menstrual cycle tracking app developed by Cyber Sync Technologies. It helps women keep track of their periods and receive reminders, with the goal of providing more privacy and empowerment through technology. The company plans to launch additional products for women in the future.

Her E-Privacy Meetup 2022

The purpose of her E-Privacy Meet up 2022 is to increase representation and support for women in the tech industry. The event will provide an opportunity for talented and skilled professionals to connect with influential mentors and diversity-focused startups. The goal is to foster a sense of community and belonging through the promotion of diversity and inclusion.

Training & Seminars

Arranging training & seminars regarding the digital safety of females is the need of time. With the world getting increasingly digital, the need for us to strengthen our cyber security is very important, although complete elimination of such threats is not possible, by implementing effective cyber security strategies we can overcome it.

Anti Cyber Bullying Roadshows

Hosting different Anti-Cyber Bullying Roadshows is important in order to create awareness regarding the digital rights and privacy concerns of females. Women’s freedom in digital space is as important as that of men that’s why we aim to educate women in the best possible way.

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